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  • Macaroni & Cheese – 5 cheeses baked bubbly with creamy wide spiral, tri-colored noodles


  • Grilled Cheese for Grown Ups – Sharp cheddar cheese with Portobello mushrooms and leeks


  • Beef Lasagna – A family recipe handed down from Grandma – cheesy and delicious


  • Chicken Pot Pie – Homemade pie crust tents a medley of winter vegetables in a thick broth


  • Mom’s Meatloaf – Melt in your mouth meatloaf made with choice beef


  • Sausage Manicotti  - Manicotti noodles stuffed with ricotta and sausage, topped with a tomato marinara sauce and sausage meatballs


  • Fettuccini with Pan Fried Chicken – Gorgonzola cheese and dried cranberries compliment this unique dish


  • Wild Mushroom Risotto – slow cooked Arborio rice combined with fresh spinach, parmesan, and sun dried tomatoes


  • Pork Chops with Honey Mustard Crust – Moist tenderloin that’s great for guests


  • Grilled Fresh Fish with Pesto and Arugula – Baked on cedar planks, a healthy dash of lemon compliments the rich, homemade pesto


  • Chili – 3 beans, ground beef, and a dash of BBQ served in a sourdough bread bowl


  • Sauteed Chicken Breast with Beurre Blanc Sauce – Juicy chicken in a white wine butter sauce finished with kalamata olives, tomatoes, and basil


  • Chicken Cacciatore – Braised dark meat simmered in a tomato, mushroom sauce


  • Osso Buco Milanese – Veal shank slow cooked with winter vegetable stew


  • Corn Cob and Smoked Chicken Chowder with Japapeno-Cilantro Butter – Come home to delicious soup simmering on the stovetop


  • Vietnamese Chicken Curry Soup with Sweet Potatoes – Spicy and bold curry is softened by a coconut milk base


  • Fillet of Cod with Asparagus and Prosciutto  - Each serving is baked individually in parchment paper to lock in the steam for succulent results


  • Roasted Portobello and Prosciutto Lasagna – Creamy bιchamel sauce makes this lasagna even more luxurious


  • Tamale Pie – Turkey, corn kernels, and cheese fill a cornmeal crust


  • Jerk Chicken with Cucumber Relish – Cayenne pepper in the marinade adds spice to this dish


  • Cheese and Shrimp Stuffed Poblanos – Roasted chilies filled with Mexican cheese and served with a red pepper sauce


  • Goat Cheese Ravioli with Tomato Pancetta Butter  - Arugula complements this rich savory sauce – this is a great entrιe for entertaining or for a special dinner with your family


  • Santa Fe Pizza – Roast chicken adds flavor to this festive corn and jalapeno topped pizza


  • Chive and Brie strata – This elegant main course is really a savory bread pudding- Great with Pinot Blanc


  • Country Ham Triple Cheesecake – This savory quiche is a standout dish with Swiss, parmesan, and cream cheese


  • Braised Meatballs in Red Wine Gravy – Warm up in your kitchen with this satisfying winter dish


  • Brisket With Herbed Spinach Stuffing – A vegetable herb filling adds an impressive element to this classic meal


  • Musseuletta Loaf – Salami and Pepperoni fill this classic Italian sandwich
  • Meatball & Parmesan Sub Sandwiches – Broiled before serving makes this a comforting meal


  • Amaretto-Lime Veal –this lightly floured cutlet dish is accented with bacon and almonds


  • Dijon-Rosemary Lamb Chops – great with rice or a crisp green salad


  • Oven Baked Coconut Shrimp – an island favorite! Served with an orange dipping sauce


  • Seafood Bisque Casserole – with shrimp, scallops, and crab this is a big client favorite


  • Baked Spaghetti – with Italian sausage and marinara sauce


  • Old Fashioned Beer Beef Stew – slow cooked in the crock pot and ready for dinner


  • Slow Roasted Sticky Chicken – so moist this whole chicken meat will fall off the bone


  • Harvest Chicken with Mushroom Rice Stuffing – warm and comforting, a wonderful winter dish


  • Baked Mustard Coated Pork Chops – The mustard and breadcrumbs give these chops a crust that is flakey without frying


  • Mini Turkey Meatloaves  - On their own or tucked into crisp French bread, these meatloaves are juicy and flavorful



  • Baked Fish with Tomatoes & Olives – A mixture of mayo and parmesan spread over the top of these fillets creates a toasty coating that moistens the fish


  • Baked Ham with Blueberry sauce – great with hickory baked beans


  • Beer Braised Sirloin Chops with Mushrooms – nice served over noodles


  • Red Beans and Rice – smoked sausage and hot pepper sauce makes this traditional Louisiana dish spicy (extra heat upon request)


  • Fettuccine with Tomato Poblano Sauce – green chili goat cheese makes this sauce incredible


  • Tex-Mex Cheeseburger Pie – your whole family will love this one








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